by George Aden Burgin 1874 - 1959


George Aden Burgin wrote the above articles during the 1950's. They contain his memories and recollections of times after the Civil War and the turn of the century. He contrasts these times with the 1950's. Mr Burgin was raised in the Old Fort, NC area and moved to Black Mountain. He was active in the Masonic organization and served as the Justice-of-Peace in Black Mountain.

His daughter, Georgia Beatrice Burgin Blanton, assisted Mr. Burgin in the preparation of a number of these articles. His son-in-law, Ernst Putnum Blanton, assisted by delivering many of these articles to the Black Mountain News for publication. George Aden Burgin's granddaughter, Julia Josephine Bass Browning, performed research and collection of these articles. Daughters, Georgia Beatrice Burgin Blanton and Grace McKinsey Burgin Kincaid, grandson George Leon Bass and great-granddaughter Julia Mae Browning Greer have provided assistance to her.

Articles 3, 4, 6, and 7 were released for publication in Old Buncombe Heritage - North Carolina Vol. II (edited by The Old Buncombe County Genealogical Society) by his grandson, Marion D. Godfrey.

Article 8 was written by Gene Byrd. It was considered appropriate to include this article since it was about the demise of George Aden Burgin. George F. Blanton, a grandson, said that Mr. Byrd was his homeroom teacher and also taught Civics at Black Mountain High School. He thought that Mr. Byrd was also a preacher at a church in the Black Mountain area. Gene Byrd is now retired and lives in Boone, NC.


My sincere appreciation to George Bass for this contribution.