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XIII. "The Honorable William Olin Burgin "
(Click on title for pictures & full story) As U.S. Representative from the Eighth Congressional District of North Carolina, Mr. Burgin served more than seven years as a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee. He became a member of that committee when the clouds of war were about to break, or just eight months before Hitler invaded Poland. The importance of this committee at that time and all during his seven years service cannot be overestimated.

XIV. "He's Among the World's Ten Best Golfers"
(Click on title for pictures & full story) Davis Love III, the son of #152322157 Helen Penta Burgin and Davis M. Love Jr., was born in Charlotte, N.C., April 13, 1964. He began his amateur career at the University of North Carolina, where he was a three-time All-American, winner of the 1984 North-South Amateur, and the ACC Championship. He turned pro in 1985, and has been among the top-ten money leaders for the past ten years. But why did he donate his entire Match Play Championship check in the amount of $700,000 to his church?

XV. "A Band of Teachers - The Nesbitt Family"
(Click on title for pictures & full story) #156468 Mary Williams Burgin married Winford Judson Nesbitt March 26, 1901. They lived in McDowell County until 1919, when they moved to the Fairview section of Buncombe County. Mary and Winford had eleven children, eight of whom were School Teachers. This amazing family certainly had an influnce on the youth of yesteryear and obviously left many footprints in the sands of time.

XVI. "The Samuel D. Burgin Family Tragedy"
(Click on title for pictures & full story) #152128 Samuel Davidson Burgin was was the eighth child of John Burgin, Jr. and the fourth by John's second wife Rachel Davidson. Sam married Mary Caroline Quickel, daughter of Cephas Quickel and Sally Killian of Lincoln County, North Carolina. Read how this couple lost all five of their children within a month and eventually suffered painful deaths themselves.

XVII. "Joseph Benjamin "River Joe" Burgin"
(Click on title for pictures & full story) #15291 Joseph Benjamin Burgin; Soldier, Railroad Conductor, Farmer and Father of North Carolina's First Lady. After seeing his only brother die in the Civil War, Joe became determined to make a difference in the lives of others...and he did! Joe was indeed a determined man with a plan who lived just long enough to see his daughter become The First Lady of the great state of North Carolina.

XVIII. "The Life & Times of Henry Burgin"
(Click on title for pictures & full story) #156462 Henry Johnson Burgin, son of James and "Lizzie" (Solomon) Burgin, was born January 13, 1862, while his father was away fighting in the Civil War. Henry grew up during the Reconstruction years and married a 17-year old girl named Clara (Cleora) Coxey. But..."hard times' had not ended for Henry. Clara died in 1905, leaving him with six children; ages 2, 4, 7, 9, 12, and 14. Henry's life after Clara died is best described in these poignant words of his daughter Amanda.

XIX. "Wings Over Forest City"
(Click on title for pictures & full story) #15234166 Fred Lovelace Burgin, son of Robert Cheek and Nannie Bell Burgin, fought courageously for his country during WWII. But the one thing that many folks would remember about his military service would be the occasion when Fred's B-24 Bomber "buzzed" Fred's home on the outskirts of Forest City, NC. They thought their city was under attack. Fred's plane was shot down over Austria and he spent over a year as a German POW.

XX. "From Mule Train to Aeroplane"
(Click on title for pictures & full story) In the late 1930's, the duties of Pvt. Earl Thomas Burgin entailed leading an army mule train across the isthmus of Panama, but by the year 1944 Sgt. Burgin was a leader of men. He was awarded the Bronze Star for "Meritorious Service and Leadership" during the 602 days of continuous combat by the 88th Infantry Division. (World War II - Italian Campaign)

XXI. "Annie Burgin Craig - NC's First Lady"
(Click on title for pictures & full story) How did a young lady from the mountains of western North Carolina cope with the demands of an upscale society, being the wife of the state's most important politician, and rearing four young boys; one of whom was born after she became First Lady? Read about the fabulous and fantastic Annie Burgin Craig, North Carolina's First Lady 1913-1917.

XXII. "A Beloved Mountain Preacher"
(Click on title for pictures & full story) Edward Jesse Burgin was pastor of twenty churches, sometimes three or four at a time. He organized and built twelve churches. One was so isolated in the mountains of Cocke County that he built it with no windows. These mountain people were wary of any outsider, but Ed understood them and knew how to gain their favor and trust. The moonshiners were also generous in support of his revivals and Ed ate many meals in their homes. They kept their loaded shotguns on the table and blessing was said with eyes open!

XXIII. "Johnny Burgin - A Two Wheeler Dealer"
(Click on title for pictures & full story) Inside that unassuming barn near Spanaway, Washington, was what many folks regarded as one of the motorcycle industry's premier private bike collections. This ole Burgin boy from Old Fort, North Carolina gained national notoriety for his uncanny ability to restore and collect vintage motorcycles.

XXIV. "WWII In The South Pacific"
The Story of Petty Officer First Class Hulin Denman Burgin
(Click on title for pictures & full story) Hulin Denman Burgin, the 20-year old son of #15621151 Wallis Washington Burgin of Cato, Arkansas, was a crew member aboard the USS Oklahoma (BB-37).  On December 7th 1941, the Oklahoma was was moored at Pearl Harbor in Battleship Row, when the Japanese began their attack.

XXV. "The Wild Blue Yonder"
(Click on title for pictures & full story) #15646243 Walter Burgin was one of four boys born to John Harvey and Blanche (Snyder) Burgin. He had his pilots license at age 16 (long before he had a drivers license). When courting his bride to be, Martha Kay Schweppe, he dated her in his own airplane (Cub - with leopard skin interior) by buzzing her farm house -- then landing in the hay field near her house -- then taking her for a spin in his plane.

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