I Stood Before Her Grave and Cried

Entrance to Bethel Cemetery at Cherry Springs Your tombstone stands among the rest
Neglected and alone
The name and date are chiseled out
On polished marbled stone

I wonder if you loved and laughed.
I wonder if you knew
That someday I would find this spot
And come to visit you

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      #15214: Jesse Burgin (1803-1890) and Wife Rosalind Burgin

      #152149: Rufus Bradshaw Burgin, (1847-1898) ninth born of Jesse

      #152182: Joseph Lytle Burgin (1846-1927)

      #1521822: James A. Burgin (1876-1942) and Wife Dora M.

      #15218223: Clarence S. Burgin (1908-1996) and Wife Violet M.

      #1523: Major Ben Burgin (1779-1874) and Wife Elizabeth Branon

      #152312: Robert M. Burgin (1833-1903) and Wife Sallie E.

      #152322: Robert L Burgin (1834-1901) and Wife Sallie M.

      #152641: Merritt Burgin (1836-1899) and Wife Mary Jane Black

      #152641B: Edward J. Burgin (1882-1962) and Wife Jessie Mae Shipley

      #1563: Jesse Burgin (1787-1864) and Wife Martha Burgin

      #1563C9: Erastus T. Burgin (1874-1951) and Wife Lillian

      #1564: James Burgin (1789-1856) and Wife Leah Burgin

      #156421: Henrietta Elizabeth Burgin and John Calvin Moore

      #15646: James Lee Burgin (1825-1901) and and wife "Lizzie"

      #156462: Henry J. Burgin (1861-1946) and Wife Elizabeth

      #156463: Allen B. Burgin (1864-1949)

      #156463: Wife of Allen B. Burgin, Barbara Caldonia Moore

      #15646361: Chester D. Burgin (1920-1985) and wife Eunice Davis

      #156464: James B. Burgin (1868-1945)

      #156464: Wives of James B. Burgin, Margaret and Maybelle

      #156467: George Aden Burgin (1874-1959) and Wife Josephine Harris

      #156469: Alphonzo Burgin (1880-1960) and Wife "Freddie"

      #15646A: Mont G. Burgin (1883-1956)

      #15646A1: Grady P. Burgin (1912-1970)

      #1564632: James O. Burgin (1887-1957) Wives Magnolia and Gertrude

      #1564633: Dallas Hill Burgin (1889-1950)

      #1564635: Charles Young Burgin (1893-1910)

      #1564636: Melvin Carter Burgin (1895-1967) and wife Mary Knupp

      #1564639: Marvin Burgin (1907-1955)

      #1564698: Roy Everette Burgin (1921-1983) and wife Sarah Nelson

"Those who have passed from this world will die only when we whom they loved, forget them..."